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Flying Academy

is a well known provider of ab-initio flight training both in the USA and in Europe. Wide portfolio of courses allows us to offer tailor-made solutions on top of tried and tested training paths to meet each trainee’s individual needs and help every pilot to reach their goals.

FAA training programs:

Zero to Commercial training program is designed for applicants with no previous flight experience who's willing to become Airline pilots 

[theoretical and practical].


We also offer separate courses and training modules for pilots which are continuing their training


Theoretical courses and flight training:

CPL(A) - Commercial Pilot License Airplane – allows the pilot to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration
PPL(A) - Private Pilot License Airplane - allows the PPL holder to fly airplanes for non-commercial purposes. PPL(A) is a first step for future Commercial Pilots as well.
IR(A) - Instrument Rating Airplanes - useful when flying long distances and a must for professional pilots

CFI(A)/CFII - Certified Flight Instructor 

Other services:

Time building
Trial introductory flights 

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Are you thinking about flying in Europe? 

Read more information about Flying Academy EASA courses in training bases in Europe. 

Free of charge Electronic Flight Bag - iPad mini

Flying Academy is equipping all trainees starting the ab-initio to Commercial professional training programs with a free of charge iPad Mini 4G+WiFi. The iPad will be used primarily for studying as materials are sent wirelessly to the trainee’s iPad for each phase of the training: PPL – Plane operating handbooks, PPL manual, Charts, Planning tools and documents to ATPL – eBooks, but also for all intermediary steps [i.e. IR(A)].

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Integrated ATPL(A) with 750 hours of ground, MCC, JOC on B737NG or A320 FFS + interview preparation course Register now!