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Feb 23, 2016

Flight training at Flying Academy, Miami is a life-time aviation experience

How do our students describe their experience with our professional flight training? Bekim from Croatia recalls Time Building in Miami as “a life-time experience” and recommends “every student to go there”.

Milan from Slovakia talks about an excellent flight experience and also the possibility to do many sightseeing flights along the coast. “We went to Naples, Stuart, Tampa, The NASA Space Shuttle Centre, Universal studios in Orlando and many others. You may visit many places and get lots of experience while landing at new airports. Also taxiing is a very interesting lesson on wide taxiways of large airports,” describes Milan.

Read the feedback from our students HERE. In this section, you can also find photos and videos from the flight training at our base in Miami.

Discover our flight school for yourself, visit our base in Miami or in the Czech Republic. Contact us and one of our Flight Training Consultants would be happy to assist you. Continue reading more details about our flight school. 

Silver Express by Flying Academy is an international flight school with over 31 years of experience with pilot training in the USA and over 12 years in Europe. Training bases are located in Florida in the USA and in the Czech Republic in Europe.

By providing a high standard of flight training we help you to achieve a successful pilot career. Our students train in an airline-like environment on two continents.

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