Jul 24, 2015

Choosing the right flight school

Of course there are many flying schools across Europe and the world which practice different prices. Make sure that when you are deciding to go for a school you have in mind which type of license you want to go for (JAA, EASA, FAA or ICAO). Choosing the type of license will give you the right to fly in a particular part of the world.

If price is what you are looking at, always make sure that whenever you discuss with cheaper schools all the costs associated with learning to fly are included. Sadly, there are many companies nowadays taking advantage of people wanting to become pilots but which have little to no knowledge of the aviation world.

It is highly important to have full control of your courses and costs, to have full transparency of what's happening with the budgets you invest in your education. In example, Flying Academy is providing a free tool “myFBO” to all trainees so that everybody has full transparency on what are the costs related to. Debiting each flight hour is no simple as it includes plane rental, flight instructor time, landing fees for one or more airport, communication fees for one or more airports. Even during your PPL(A) training this will have hundreds of lines so having a tool to check the accuracy of costs is very important.

Another thing which you might do is to ask for recommendations from other trainees so that what is presented is what you will actually get. There is no such thing as the prefect FTO so one must know at all times the strengths and weaknesses of each flight training organization.

For inexperienced aviation people we recommend trying to find a school in which consultancy is also offered so that someone will guide you throughout the process of becoming a pilot, especially for those who start from ab-initio and are planning to go to to CPL(A) with frozen ATPL(A).

From the discussion had with trainees who moved to Flying Academy after bad experiences in other FTO’s from Czech Republic and even from abroad, our most important recommendation to anyone interested in starting a flight training is that the cheapest offer in the market is not necessary the best one too.

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