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Flying Academy is announcing a Global Flight Video Challenge among our trainees. The winner will get 1.000 EUR!

We know that our students are creative aviation enthusiasts and now is the time to show it to the rest of the world.
Shoot a short video in a free manner, answer the perennial question “Why I wanted to become a pilot” and win 1.000 EUR!
Share your flight experience with others on Flying Academy’s YouTube channel. It can either be some great footage from your recent Time Building flight or an educational video for your colleagues. Only your inventiveness should limit your work. You can also participate in the contest with more than 1 video.
The winner will be chosen on the 30th of November 2016, based on the amount of likes.
The contest conditions:
  • You are Flying Academy’s current or former student.
  • During shooting you were using Flying Academy’s fleet and facilities.
  • The duration of the video is more than 1 minute.

Number of videos per person is not limited. Please remember: Safety and professional performance come first! Your video will be admitted in the contest only in case all safety regulations were followed at a required level.

Continue reading how to apply. 

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Flight training at Flying Academy, Miami is a life-time aviation experience

How do our students describe their experience with our professional flight training? Bekim from Croatia recalls Time Building in Miami as “a life-time experience” and recommends “every student to go there”.

Milan from Slovakia talks about an excellent flight experience and also the possibility to do many sightseeing flights along the coast. “We went to Naples, Stuart, Tampa, The NASA Space Shuttle Centre, Universal studios in Orlando and many others. You may visit many places and get lots of experience while landing at new airports. Also taxiing is a very interesting lesson on wide taxiways of large airports,” describes Milan.

Read the feedback from our students HERE. In this section, you can also find photos and videos from the flight training at our base in Miami.

Discover our flight school for yourself, visit our base in Miami or in the Czech Republic. Contact us and one of our Flight Training Consultants would be happy to assist you. Continue reading more details about our flight school. 

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Flying Academy is offering a once in a lifetime opportunity for Ground Staff

Flying Academy has prepared a special training offer for Airline Professionals; for those who want to experience aviation from a different perspective and become an ATPL holder!

This opportunity is available for ground staff only and will be available for a limited time. Apply from the 9th of November till the 9th of April 2015 and receive a special price to complete our Zero to Commercial training program with flexible scheduling, based on your roster.  

Become a professional Airline pilot in one of the fastest growing International Flight Training Centers both in Europe and in the USA. 

Contact our Flight Training Consultants to receive more information: email to fly@FlyingAcademy.com or call us on +1 (305) 255-8753.

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Latest blog post

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How efficiency and excellent preparation are helping to nail the Ryanair Cadet Program Interview. Personal insight from Flying Academy’s student Diego

Students from Flying Academy, International Flight Training Center are getting accepted to Airline companies from all over the world. One of the latest trend for low-hour pilots are various cadet programs, that are giving young pilots a unique opportunity to start their career straight after the flight training. Diego, our recently graduated trainee, who finished his 0-ATPL(A) training just in September 2015 and was accepted to Ryanair Cadet Program shares his experience of how to succeed at the interview:
My name is Diego, I am 21 years old and I completed my 0-ATPL(A) training in Flying Academy, Brno, Czech Republic in September 2015. I applied to Ryanair a week after I finished my MCC and got called for the interview for December 2nd.
The interview begins from the moment you walk into the building, not from when the assessment starts. Make sure you are well dressed and act appropriately throughout the day, even after the actual interview is over! The assessment begins with Briefing at 09:15 AM, which is given by one of the interviewers and during which you are paired up with your Simulator partner. The interviewer tells you what will happen throughout the assessment day and what will be expected of you. Pay attention to everything that is being said in the briefing! The assessor gave us some tips for the assessment and told us to be calm and not to stress too much about it.

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Get advice from our trainee's experience of real airline pilot screening for Ryanair

This article is written as a simple guideline of what to do and what to expect when faced with the moment that you have been waiting for, the job interview, sometimes known as an assessment day. It is written by a former student of Flying Academy Vlad from Romania. He did all his way from a zero level of knowledge about aviation to the airbus cockpit with Flying Academy. He got accepted into Ryanair Cadet Program. Continue reading for some great advice to follow during the job interview. "From here on it’s only up to you," he says.
Let's talk about what most companies are looking for, especially from you as a low hour pilot. The only time a company will want to hire a pilot with low hours is because of one reason: they want to see your abilities and determine if you can successfully conduct further training with them.
As our assessor told us during the initial briefing: "If for some reason you are not successful after today, please take this as a benefit because if I have doubts about you today you will struggle during the Type Rating."
So, let’s start from the beginning. How’s the assessment day structured?

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